Thanks to blogs and the internet, I can spread my “wealth of knowledge” on a wide variety of topics to millions of unsuspecting people with just the push of a button. I can spill my guts on what it’s like to be a Dad of 6 (5 girls and 1 boy), the Papa of 13 grandkids who’s joy in life is trying to get my PIN number and to take over small third world countries, the husband of a wonderful wife whose first name I don’t know, and the owner of a dog who looks like a lamb, eats like a pig and answers to the name of Chicken.

I can expound on what it’s like to be a man who doesn’t know how to BBQ, use tools, cook anything that doesn’t involve the use of a microwave oven, use a washcloth, or understand the choices of most people running our government. Reading my material will open your eyes to a world that is normally not seen without the benefit of psychotropic drugs, massive amounts of alcohol or severe blunt trauma to the skull.