If They Don’t Use It, Why Should You?

I’d like to start off today’s blog with a question: How come some people can manufacture, distribute and/or sell a product, but choose to never use it?

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Yesterday I was at my local Starbucks, just minding my own business and enjoying a hot beverage when I looked out of the window and I witnessed a meth deal go down. Now it wasn’t the fact that I saw a drug deal take place out in public that bothered me. Because I knew that in the part of town where this particular Starbucks is located, there are a lot of so-called “medicinal over the counter” deals that take place on a daily basis. No, what shocked me was the condition of the one person doing the selling and the condition of the people who were buying this person’s product.

For you see, this freelance pharmacist/entrepreneur was clean, had clean/well-fitting clothes on, appeared to be in good health, and more importantly, had all of their teeth. Whereas “the customers” looked like they haven’t bathed in weeks, wore clothes that looked like they were drugged through the sewers, looked to be about “this close” to being hooked up to a dialysis machine and finally had more teeth missing then they actually had left in their spaced-out skulls.

But on the plus side, you should see how fast these “customers” could ride a bicycle around town. I mean, if it wasn’t for the whole “Chemical Testing” they do at the Olympics, I’m betting that these guys would win The Gold Medal every time.

But I digress.

Now one would think that if you saw other people, like yourself, buying the same product that you are and you all have the same traits of being unbathed, absolutely no fashion sense, health that leaves something to be desired and no teeth, you would think the guy selling it to you would look the same because the seller would be using the same product as you.

I mean, at least the seller would stand behind what they were selling by using the very item they are selling. Right?


And do you know why the seller doesn’t look like you? Because the seller knows that the stuff that you are buying is going to at the very least screw up your life or worse case scenario of starving to death because you have no teeth left to chew your food, assuming you can find any to eat in the trash can because you’ve spent all of your money on the seller’s product.

Now before you think I’m just picking on some of the poor homeless junkies that are permeated throughout our fair cities, let’s look at another group of sellers of a certain type of goods/services but will never in their collective lifetimes ever use the product they propose/force onto us.

And who are the sellers that will never, ever use their own product but force us to buy it from them?

I am talking about the 535 members of Congress and the so-called “product” they force us to buy is called “Health Care.” See, in case you didn’t know, according to FactCheck.org in a post dated May 5th, 2017, the question was brought up asking if the Health Care bill applied to Congress and their families. Below is the answer that was given:

“For procedural reasons, the bill passed by House Republicans exempted lawmakers from some of its effects. But a stand-alone bill passed unanimously would do away with that exemption if the legislation becomes law.”

Now, to be honest with you, I haven’t heard about any stand-alone bill being unanimously passed that would do away with that exemption now, have you?

So, my question is this: In an age where each political party is demanding that the other side be “transparent” in their dealings, why isn’t Congress being transparent in regard to their own Health Care plan. I mean if they can “demand” that a presidential candidate from the opposing party provide their tax returns for scrutiny just because they are running for the highest office in the land, what’s so bad about the sitting members of Congress showing their Health Care Plan to us the voting public?

I mean, why wouldn’t Congress want to enjoy the same “benefits” we the public “enjoy” under this “Affordable Care Act”?

Is it because it’s expensive, like meth, thereby causing you to not be able to afford the nicer clothes you had, keep your utilities on to bathe with or go to the dentist before you started using Congress’ product? Is it because that your choices on what you can do with the health of your life has been taken away from you, like those who use meth?

So let’s say for the sake of argument you were a drug user and you have decided to not use meth in the future; you have the option of no longer buying that product, thereby getting cleaned up and hopefully get your life back together. But unlike our local drug users, if you decide not to use the product of Congress called the Affordable Care Act, you get fined in the way of a tax penalty. For 2017, the penalty is $695.00 for each adult, and kids are only $347.50 each (up to a family maximum of $2085.00) or 2.5% of the household income, WHICHEVER IS GREATER. And if you think President Trump got rid of those tax penalties, well, you are partly right. They go away in 2019 so you could get zapped again this year if you don’t buy what Congress is selling. But the point is this: Congress is making you purchase a product that they themselves do not have to buy, won’t buy, never will buy because they know just how bad it really is.

Kind of reminds me of the meth dealer I saw yesterday.

I know return you to your regularly scheduled life, already in progress.

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