We Are Being Watched

Yep, pretty much wasted this weekend. And if you were to put a gun to my head, I really have no idea what I did. Well, I take that back. I basically binged-watch Person of Interest on Netflix before they took it off their system. Now, as I was spending hours rewatching a serious that […]

Virtual Holidays

Earlier this week, the County of Los Angeles here in California, due to the so-called “COVID Pandemic,” has decided in their infinite wisdom to cancel Halloween. As of this writing, they have decided to “backtrack” on this closure to “re-think” what to do. Other counties here in California have come out with the same type […]

Monsters Make No Sense

A couple of nights ago, Mrs. Nickels was relaxing on the couch and performing her customary flipping through the channels to see if anything good was on. While I, on the other hand, had my earbuds in and reading a book while listening to some classical music. Now, before I go any further, Mrs. Nickels […]

Gee, I Forgot.

I really hate forgetting things! Case in point. I was in the car with Mrs. Nickels when an excellent idea for my next blog post came to my mind. Now maybe I should have written my brilliant idea down on a piece of paper. Or maybe I should have been smart enough to put a […]

And Where Do You Think You Are Going?

It seems that whenever we are turning on the news, and we are hearing stories about people being out of work, or businesses being shut down because of COVID, yet we always see a group of people, who, by their very definition, are called Essential Workers. I am speaking, of course, of the members of […]

Have We Really Thought About This?

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of wearing a mask. Now I’m sure I know what most of you people are thinking. “But Gary, you’re ugly as sin. We need you to wear the mask so you won’t scare our children.” Fine, but I’m talking about the mask that I have to […]

Little Toe

There is an old saying that is flying around the internet that goes something like this: We Learn From Our Pain. That being said, now I know why God gave us a Little Toe. For most of us, we have 5 toes on each foot. First, we have The Big Toe, which looks like it […]

Do You Even Know Why You Are Doing This?

Here we are the weekend before Christmas and I am sure that there are tons of people out there who are out there pushing and shoving their fellow “carbon-based life forms” in order to find that perfect gift that will eventually land on a “make me an offer” table at a garage sale 5 years […]

If They Don’t Use It, Why Should You?

I’d like to start off today’s blog with a question: How come some people can manufacture, distribute and/or sell a product, but choose to never use it? Let me give you an example of what I mean. Yesterday I was at my local Starbucks, just minding my own business and enjoying a hot beverage when […]