Some Things Just Don’t Make No Sense.

The older we get, the more we look at life and just try to understand the stuff out there that just doesn’t make sense. Let’s take COVID for a moment, and let us look at it from a purely numerical standpoint.

According to Google, who got their information from The New York Times, there are, as of today’s post, about 26,100,000 people in America who have COVID. Out of that 26 million or so that have contracted this “disease,” about 439,000 have died from it.

For the sake of argument, let us assume that all 439,000 people actually died from the disease. Nevermind that there are reports out there that are debunking the actual number of deaths due to inaccurate reporting of actual causes of death. I will still use the 439,000 figure for this post.

Now, bear with me a moment. According to the website, as of right now, there are 332,152,260 living in America. Suppose you do the math of figuring out the percentages of people living in America right now versus the number of people who have COVID now. In that case, you have a 7.86% chance of getting this “disease.”

If you take the number of people who have COVID (26,100,000), then factor in the number of people who have died (439,000), you have a 1.68% chance of dying from this disease. Again, you have a 1.68% chance of dying from COVID if you contract the “disease.”

America is freaking out over COVID, but is it as deadly as those in power say it is? Is it a pandemic like those at the CDC are staying it is? Well, from a number’s standpoint. It isn’t.

Let’s look at cancer for a moment.

According to the National Cancer Institute at website, in 2020, an estimated 1,806,590 new cancer cases will be diagnosed in the United States, and 606,520 people will die from the disease.  Again, let’s do the math. If you have 1,806,590 people who get cancer, and out of that amount, 606,520 will die from it, which means you have a 33.57% chance of dying from cancer.

So again, from a number standpoint, if you get cancer, you have a 33.57% chance of dying from it vs. a 1.68% chance of dying from COVID.

Now, let us look at this in a broader sense. If you take the number of people living in America (332,152,208) and compare it against the number of people who have died from COVID (439,000), that we’ve had 0.13% of our population die from this “disease.” Now using the same number of people in America, remove the death by COVID numbers and plug in the numbers of those who have died from cancer (605,520); that number jumps up to a whopping 0.18%.

Our country has known about cancer for a lot longer than about COVID. We have kept our nation open and maintained our economy with an approximate 1 in 3 chance of dying from cancer vs. a “disease” that can shut down an entire country with a 1.68% death rate. And that 1.68% of the people who die from COVID total 0.13% of the American population.

According to the name, the N95 mask is designed to block both large and small particles. When the wearer inhales, it is supposed to block 95% of the exceedingly small particles pulled into the mask by inhalation.

Remember, it only takes 1 germ to get a person sick.

Then, wearing an N95 mask means that for every 100 germs you breathe in, 95 get blocked by the mask but 5 germs can still get into your body. So, if that be the case, if you look at the N95, it is only 95% effective in its attempts to stop a virus from attacking your body.

Remember, it only takes 1 germ to make a person sick. While the mask is still letting 5 germs out of 100 enter my body, I still have a 7.86% chance of getting COVID with a 1.68% chance of dying from it.

If you look at the vaccines coming out, the best one on the market now has a reported rate of success of 95%.

So let me get this straight.

You want me to take a vaccine that has a 95% rate of success. (Assuming I don’t get a vaccine with a lower rate of success like others reporting a 70% success rate) against a disease that I have a 7.86% chance of getting in the first place with a mortality rate of 1.68%?

Are you kidding me?

Oh, and to make it more interesting. The New York Times is reporting that the side effects are “fatigue, headaches and muscle pain should show up within one to three days after vaccination and resolve one to three days after they start. Sore arms and fevers are common.”

Uh, it kind of sounds like the same symptoms of COVID to me.

It has been said that COVID has shut down our economy and costs America thousands of jobs. That is simply not true. It was The Government, not the “disease” that shut America down. It was The Government that put all of these “quarantine” orders in place. And another thing that I’m not understanding is this. “If all of these people are dying from COVID and this such a tragedy of epic proportions, then I have just one question. WHERE ARE ALL OF THE BODIES OF THOSE WHO HAVE DIED?” I mean, it is not like we are having mass graves dug for all of the dead who have died from this “pandemic.” Because if we did, the media would be all over this like nobody’s business.

And yet…nothing.


But I do know how to think and reason for myself. I refuse to be blindly led by a group of people who are causing fear, armed with invading agendas on our rights. Don’t buy into everything that you read and hear in the media. Take the time to find out for yourselves what is really going on out there—question everything. Be respectful of other people’s opinions, and don’t be a jerk about it. But base your views on what YOU have discovered, not what some talking head in a $300.00 suit tells you to believe.

There are some out there who disagree with my findings, and that’s fine. We, as American’s can respectably agree to disagree. But it also means that I do not have to buy into what they believe as well.

Listen, I will respect other people’s beliefs and ideas on this topic. And if they want to live in fear and trembling, that is their right as well. But it is not their right to expect me to live like they do and go along with their way of thought when the facts of this whole “pandemic” prove otherwise.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled life…Already in progress.

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