Just A Quick Rant

Let’s face it. We’ve all had days like that where we didn’t want to put on our big boy/girl pants and just go back to bed. I mean, who came up with this whole “Adulting” thing anyway? It wasn’t me, I promise you.

And yet, most of us just shake it off, get dressed, have coffee and realize that if it wasn’t for the 1% of us who are sane, that the idiots who are in seemingly never-ending abundance, would eventually try and take over the world.

It’s like everywhere I look, humanity has taken an “Adulting Day Off” and I am the one stuck thinking to myself “How did these people get out without a Day Pass?”

Or, since when did people stop thinking for themselves and started copying the ideas of others?

Think I am kidding? Read on.

For starters, just look at Facebook. People wanting a “like” because they are the sole survivor of the last Ice Age. Or they post and “Instructional Video” on the benefits of mixing Sriracha Hot Sauce and Wasabi as a miracle cure for acne. And my favorite one, So and So is now in a relationship with What’s Their Name who was a BFF of That Person Over Their when they pledged their Undying Love to each other in a scene reminiscent of something that looks suspiciously like an outtake from a Power Puff Girls cartoon.

And then there are movies. Why can’t film makers just “Adult Up” and create something original for us the paying public to watch? For example: How many Spider-Man movies do we really need? Isn’t every one of these movies the same story line just regurgitated in a slightly different way and put into an IMAX format?

And how about the Fast and Furious franchise? Now, if you have never seen these “epics of cinematic history”, let me give you a brief rundown of how each and every one of these movies go: People get into these insanely fast and very un-street legal cars. People drive insanely fast through out major metropolitan areas and freeways in these very un-street legal cars. People crash in these insanely fast and very un-street legal cars. Bad guys go to jail. Fade to black and roll the credits.

Tell me I’m wrong!

Now, aren’t you happy? I just saved you a few hundred dollars in movie fees because now you know what each Spider-Man and Fast and Furious movie is all about so you won’t waste your time in seeing them and you didn’t have to switch your car insurance to Geico to do it either.

If it seems like I am writing this post while I was in a bad mood, trust me I’m not. It’s just that there are times where I am out and about in humanity and I think to myself “You know, if it wasn’t for warning labels, 99% of humanity would be here.” And then I go on with my life with a smile because I know that this is only a temporary situation. That one day I will be in a home with a bunch of very old and very wise people. Together we will sit back and laugh at the populace because it seems that the humanity’s herd has been thinned out, so to speak; due to the fact that you don’t get to get old by being a young fool.

So, if you have learned anything from my little rant today, it should be this: Be original. Stop thinking like everyone else and do something that no one has ever done before. (Except that whole Sriracha Hot Sauce and Wasabi as a miracle cure for acne thing. Originality does have its limits.) Be brave, be bold, but be smart about it. Step outside the box and be YOU, not a clone of someone else.

Thanks for reading and now I return you to your regularly scheduled life…already in progress.

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