Strange Warnings and Final Answers

This has indeed been a very strange week.

So, in order to create something together for your reading enjoyment, I’ve decided to put together some random thoughts as to explain some of the events that I’ve lived through this past week.

For example, where I live we have been experiencing triple digit weather. Now, for those of you who live in places where they use The Metric System, the concept of having triple digit weather may seem foreign to you. Because for those of you who use Celcius vs. Fahrenheit as weather, saying that you had a heat wave that was in the 40’s makes it sound like you are a native of Antarctica. No, what I’ve been going through are temperatures that are ranging from 105 on a cool day to temps that have been topping out at 111 degrees. And that is another reason why the United States hasn’t gone to the metric system: It makes our weather look so much more dramatic!

But what was really odd was what happened on Thursday. It got up to 111 degrees, then as I was in a meeting, I look out the window and I see smoke coming from the hills across the street. And, as we all know, where there is smoke, there is fire. Sure enough, about 30 minutes later, I come out of the meeting and I see fire coming down the sides of the hills then I hear chopper sounds and as I look up, I see two helicopters flying over with hoses dangling from their bottoms. They fly over the burning hills, start dropping retardant and water to control the flames and eventually the fire is put out.

Now, I’m sure some of are thinking “And what is so special about that?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, because about 3 hours later after the fire had been put out and the only thing left after all of the firefighters have left was a blackened hill, all of a sudden, these massively huge and sinfully black dark clouds start coming in. Now, bear in mind, it was 111 degrees before the clouds got there, now with the cloud cover, it drops to a balmy 106 and it is humid like you wouldn’t believe.

Again, some of you are thinking: “And?”

Well, then it starts. An epic Thunder and Lightening show from God. Awesome bolts of lightening were raining down in my area and the Thunder was so loud, just about every car in the parking lot had their alarms go off. And if it that wasn’t good enough, then it starts to rain. Now, I’m not talking about that little pithy stuff, I’m talking some fat drops falling from the sky. Sheets and sheets of tears from heaven were cascading down upon our town.

I’m looking out the window. It’s dark, its raining hard, I see flashes of lightning, I hear the thunder, the wind is blowing like crazy and I see the recently burned hills across the look like they are smoldering, but its just the ash blowing off them.

And then, I got to thinking about what I’ve been witnessing the past few hours and I have just one question: Were they filming a disaster movie here and I was nothing more than an unpaid extra? And if the answer to the first question is Yes, then where in the world is the Craft Table?

But on a darker side. On Friday, we had a guy who was shot and killed where I live for just being a guy who was using an ATM at 4:30 in the morning. No, he wasn’t killed by any member of law enforcement but was just gunned down because HE had money and SOMEBODY else wanted it.

I don’t get it. Why kill someone over money? There isn’t enough money in the world that is worth taking a person’s life for. Granted, if you are in the Armed Forces or a Member of the Law Enforcement community, you may be called upon to take a life as either part of your job or to protect yourself or the community. Or, you may have to take a life in order to protect your family if someone comes into your house to steal what is yours or cause you and your family harm. I’m not talking about those kinds of cases.

But my question is why would anybody want to kill someone over money? I’m hoping that they catch the person or persons who are responsible for this man’s death. Did the victim put up a fight to try and keep his money or maybe he gave the robber/killer the funds and he was murdered in order to keep him from either calling the police or being able to identify him?

Who knows?

All I know is that there is a family who has a loved one gone. A father, a son, a husband and a friend have left this earth because…

Yeah, there is no good reason for it to happen in the first place.

Earlier I started off by telling you about the weird weather with the heat, rain, lightning, and thunder. Maybe God was just trying to give us a warning on Thursday what could happen if we, as a species/society if we didn’t get our act together.

On Friday, we gave God our answer.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled lives…already in progress.

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