Are You Wasting Time?

I told myself that I was going to sit down and my writing station and write a blog post before I would allow myself to partake in one of the gourmet creations that I had planned for dinner: Nuked frozen burritos pipping hot from the microwave. (Don’t get jealous, with time and patience, you too […]

I’m Giving Me A Break

Ever have one of those days, or weekends for that matter, where you have no desire to do anything? I mean zip, nada, zilch, nothing? Yeah, I’m having one of those days. Oh, let’s be honest, it’s going to be that way the whole weekend. Just so you know, if you think I am being […]

It’s Not Too Late

Here we are in the first few glorious days of 2018 and I’m sure by now we are all sick and tired of hearing “Get a new you for the new year!” Or “Start your year off right and let’s hit the gym!” (or some other “bettering yourself habit or behavior modification.) Now, if I […]

Is Thanksgiving Becoming The Next Pluto?

Here we are at that time of year when after Memorial Day we now start getting into the Christmas Season. Some retailers tried to get the jump on things and started to already put their Christmas stuff out on Halloween night, but, for the most part, the retail establishment has practiced a quasi-amount of discretion. […]

Hey Pal…Move it!

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something, but I’ve got a really good excuse this time. And, believe it or not, I think there isn’t a person reading this blog has experienced something like what I’ve just experienced and then wished for a custom-made thermos-nuclear device to eradicate this situation. The […]

Who’s Perception Do You Really See?

Tell me what you think about the following: What has four letters, sometimes has nine letters but never has five letters. Don’t know what to think about the above? Here, let me put it another way: What has 4 letters, Sometimes has 9 letters but Never has 5 letters. Now, when you read the statement […]

Strange Warnings and Final Answers

This has indeed been a very strange week. So, in order to create something together for your reading enjoyment, I’ve decided to put together some random thoughts as to explain some of the events that I’ve lived through this past week. For example, where I live we have been experiencing triple digit weather. Now, for […]