If They Don’t Use It, Why Should You?

I’d like to start off today’s blog with a question: How come some people can manufacture, distribute and/or sell a product, but choose to never use it? Let me give you an example of what I mean. Yesterday I was at my local Starbucks, just minding my own business and enjoying a hot beverage when […]

What Defines You, a Job or a Career?

When I was a younger man, my goals, outside of doing the best that I could to provide for my family, was to work my butt off to move up that corporate latter, snag that corner office, have a six-figure income with a magnificent “Golden Parachute” and become a force to be reckoned with in […]

The Rut

Many years ago, I had a very good friend who believed on one very simple aspect that made, what he thought, Life very easily managed when one is at home: “The Rut is Our Friend.” See, when you live in a rut, your schedule, per se, is always the same. You aren’t surprised by what […]

I was Just This Close

Today is my day off. Now, I left that sentence in a standalone paragraph because I wanted to let you know just how important that statement was. Today is really my day off. When you work a regular job, you spend your working hours thinking about things that your boss or the person paying you […]

Some “Hot” Observations

Today, where I live, it is going to be the hottest day of the year. Of course, that is assuming that Hell doesn’t decide to annex Southern California between now and the end of the year. But on days like this, it is too hot really to do anything. For example, it is 102 degrees […]

Olympic Athletes and Writers

I don’t usually suffer from what is often called “Writer’s Block.” No, my problem is that I have so many things running through my mind that my main issues are trying to figure out what exactly to write about. Now, some may call that having ADD or HD or even MTV or whatever acronym that […]

Are You Wasting Time?

I told myself that I was going to sit down and my writing station and write a blog post before I would allow myself to partake in one of the gourmet creations that I had planned for dinner: Nuked frozen burritos pipping hot from the microwave. (Don’t get jealous, with time and patience, you too […]

I’m Giving Me A Break

Ever have one of those days, or weekends for that matter, where you have no desire to do anything? I mean zip, nada, zilch, nothing? Yeah, I’m having one of those days. Oh, let’s be honest, it’s going to be that way the whole weekend. Just so you know, if you think I am being […]

It’s Not Too Late

Here we are in the first few glorious days of 2018 and I’m sure by now we are all sick and tired of hearing “Get a new you for the new year!” Or “Start your year off right and let’s hit the gym!” (or some other “bettering yourself habit or behavior modification.) Now, if I […]

Is Thanksgiving Becoming The Next Pluto?

Here we are at that time of year when after Memorial Day we now start getting into the Christmas Season. Some retailers tried to get the jump on things and started to already put their Christmas stuff out on Halloween night, but, for the most part, the retail establishment has practiced a quasi-amount of discretion. […]